SRE Christmas 2021

By C3 Church / December 7, 2021 / Comments Off on SRE Christmas 2021
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Why SRE?

By C3 Church / November 8, 2021 / Comments Off on Why SRE?

  Scripture teachers who know Jesus personally, will show His love to the kids through their words and actions.  If we show Jesus and speak from a basis of knowing Him, we will see a great difference between a good Scripture class and a great one!  It is an immense privilege when we connect kids…

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Common Questions About SRE

By C3 Church / January 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Common Questions About SRE

  Q: Can anyone teach or help in Scripture Classes in Public Schools? A: Yes, anyone who loves kids and is keen to share the love of God can teach SRE!   Q: Do I need to be a trained schoolteacher to join the SRE team? A: Anyone can join!  Free training is provided by…

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Jesus said “Go into all the world” – Kids say “Come to our school!”

By C3 Church / July 8, 2020 / Comments Off on Jesus said “Go into all the world” – Kids say “Come to our school!”

Jesus said “Go into all the world” – Kids say “Come to our school!”  The C3 SYD Scripture Team is super excited to be going back into school classrooms from the beginning of Term 3.  We’d love for you to join us, whether that be as a classroom helper, a person who commits to pray…

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Presenting Lessons & Representing Christ

By C3 Church / May 14, 2020 / Comments Off on Presenting Lessons & Representing Christ

The C3 SYD team of Scripture Teachers visit local public schools near C3 SYD locations on a weekly basis. We are a team of 13 people reaching approximately 500 children each week in 6 local schools.  Scripture teachers usually aren’t trained schoolteachers.  They are people who love Jesus, love kids, and are keen to share…

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Two girls read scripture from the Bible in a field

The Best Year Yet for Scripture in Primary Schools

By C3 Church / March 21, 2018 / Comments Off on The Best Year Yet for Scripture in Primary Schools

Over the past few weeks our #scriptureinprimaryschools team has gone back to school for Scripture classes (also known as SRE).  We’ve been excitedly waiting for our schools to prepare a space for us, but in their hearts the team was ready way ahead of time.   We had an all team meeting earlier this year,…

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Why SRE?

By C3 Church / October 13, 2017 / Comments Off on Why SRE?

In one of our schools, the C3 Church Scripture Teacher gave out a little Christmas card with a Christmas-themed pencil to each child. She wrote each child’s name on the card with the same text, ‘Happy Jesus Birthday Celebrations to You and the very best for the year to come’. Each child wanted her to…

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