C3 Oxford Falls Auditorium During Worship

Overcoming Depression

By C3 Church / August 15, 2017 / Comments Off on Overcoming Depression

When I first walked into the back of C3 Oxford Falls in 2006, I was a shattered mess. My life had been thrown into turmoil by a few situations that completely overwhelmed me and I was depressed and ready for this life to be over.   Coming to C3 Oxford Falls was a last bid…

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Photo of a girl in activewear doing yoga on a headland in Sydney body

The Body Battle

By C3 Church / August 9, 2017 / Comments Off on The Body Battle

Have you ever considered that the first sin in the Garden of Eden was connected to food? Food, exercise and body image issues are spiritual in origin and therefore demand a spiritual solution. God wants us all to receive the freedom and victory that he has purchased through the Cross – and yes, that means…

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