SRE Christmas 2021

By C3 Church / December 7, 2021 / Comments Off on SRE Christmas 2021
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God and Happiness

By Phil Pringle / December 18, 2017 / Comments Off on God and Happiness

   SHE LAUGHS Proverbs 31:25   Sometimes our joy gets stolen from us due to the pressures of life. Being in the House of God should help restore our laughter.   Abraham and Sarah – Genesis 18 Ps Phil shared the story of Abraham and Sarah and how at 100 and 90 respectively, God tells…

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A Father’s Love

By Phil Pringle / October 28, 2017 / Comments Off on A Father’s Love

A Father’s Love 1 John 1:3   It is fitting that on Father’s Day, we talk about fathers because, even though we don’t all have fellowship with our earthly fathers, all believers have a heavenly father. John writes here about the importance of this fellowship, which means sharing vision and common purpose. When we share…

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As for Me and My House

By Phil Pringle / October 21, 2017 / Comments Off on As for Me and My House

 AS FOR ME Joshua 24:15   Vision always starts with a seed. Someone who plants a seed establishes a legacy. Everything begins with someone; and that someone could be you. Ps Chris reminded us how C3 started 37 years ago with only 13 people at an Easter service. And look at the amazing legacy those 13 people started!…

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Ps Natalie Taylor prays for couples at C3 Church Silverwater

What It Means to Be an ‘All In’ Family

By C3 Church / August 15, 2017 / Comments Off on What It Means to Be an ‘All In’ Family

The term ‘all in’ looks different for every family.   For us, most days it means trying to juggle between raising a family, running a business and building our church, C3 Silverwater. But the wonderful thing about our God is that nothing is too complex or impossible when He is involved. When we are plugged…

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Full House – Building the Church Community

By C3 Church / July 12, 2017 / Comments Off on Full House – Building the Church Community

Have you ever had the experience of arriving at church caffeinated, pumped for the morning and expectant of what God is going to do only to look around and wonder, where is everyone? As the morning continues you have set up, gone to the prayer meeting and after all that, only dribbles of people have…

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